Anti-Aging Face Mask

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Franny’s Farmacy Anti-Aging CBD Face Mask is an all-natural product featuring 50mg of Full Spectrum Distillate from hemp flower grown in the North Carolina sun and soil at Franny’s Farm. This face mask is designed to improve moisture and collagen levels in your skin, while providing powerful natural anti-aging ingredients.


  • French Pink Clay for a mild, suitable for all skin types, face mask
  • 200mg or 50mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate per jar
  • Coconut Milk for a Vitamin C boost for your skin
  • Rosehip Oil for Vitamin A, an all natural anti-aging boost
  • Suitable for multiple skin types: dry, sensitive, mature, or oil
DISCLAIMER: We do not claim that our products diagnose, treat, cure and/or prevent any medical condition, disease or illness. We do not offer medical advice regarding our products or the consumption thereof. Prior to consuming any CBD products consult your healthcare provider. Like grapefruit and other known consumables, CBD may interfere with some prescription drugs. You must be 21+ years to order.