Posted by Ash on 2nd Nov 2019


This is a blog for the People: for the People and for their free use of Cannabis. Cannabis, whether you are a seasoned connoisseur, a Medical Marijuana patient, or simply have an interest in it, Cannabis or the subject of Cannabis is going to be in your life now and in the future! This blog is designed to question, to attempt to answer, and most of all, for you and me to become educated on the subject of Cannabis so that we may make informed decisions in forming our opinions of Cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD). We will be enabled to enter any discussion on the topic rationally and with some forethought, at least. Ambitious? Never! Knowledge IS Power. Power to the People!

The extent of my knowledge regarding Cannabis has come to me like it does to all of us: through personal experience and the Internet. This certainly makes me no expert, only a long- time fan. I am a former MM patient (in the State of Washington where I had the privilege to grow several organic strains), and now I am one who advocates for the descheduling of Cannabis as a class “A” drug across the board and for the decriminalization of Cannabis to include expunging records for those thousands upon thousands of We the People who have been unjustly convicted for non-crimes involving the enjoyment of a plant! A plant, I might add, which God granted to us and which possesses so many uses it once was among the chief domestic agricultural products of the USA. Only disinformation and political shenanigans stand in the way of Cannabis/ Hemp being the agricultural and economic giant it was and shall again become. These are seeming obstacles which can be overcome by the Active Positivity of the millions of us who appreciate the multifaceted benefits of Cannabis.

For myself, I am but one voice. I have grown old, but healthy thanks, God! In part, I believe, because I have smoked, vaped, eaten and absorbed and thoroughly enjoyed hashish, Cannabis, marijuana, ditch weed, wacky tobaccy, hemp and CBD for the last 50 years. I have consumed it in seven foreign countries and twenty different states. Only in Colorado, Washington and Oregon have I enjoyed the immense relief which comes with full legalization. What a tremendous burden is lifted once the threat of detection and jail is not a factor! The People have FREEDOM in those states and now many more states have also claimed FREEDOM. My question has been and remains: when will my native Texas allow Her People to have this FREEDOM?

Cannabis is such an ancient part of humanity, we have Cannabinoid Receptors in our DNA. Burned Cannabis seeds have been found in Stone Age hearths, used to ease the pains of child birthing, I’m told. It is expressed in mothers’ milk, for Pete’s sake! For these reasons, people all over the world are turning towards Cannabis as food and as medicine. It is something that we physically need in order to complete us. Cannabis, CBD, has the capacity to solve the Opioid Crisis, alleviate pain, calm the savage breast, and so much more. Those of us who have a history of self- medicating now realize why we were drawn to it. It’s part of us. We were only trying to normalize our humanity. Turns out the Hippies were right, once again…

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